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What does this plugin do?

This plugin adds the ability to add a cursor image to use instead of the default mouse cursor, and this new cursor will interact with events on hover!

Compatible with:  MZ | MV

Terms/License:  MIT  


    •  Assign a hover image when hovering over an event with a specific name
    •  Assign a hover image when hovering over an event with a specific command in its list
    •  Allow for multiple cursor images which can be changed on the fly with plugin commands
    •  Intuitive design, allowing you to have a custom cursor on every single scene, even new custom scenes.

Hover Events

The cursor image can change to a new image when hovering over a specific event of your choice, you can assign cursor images to event names, or event commands. For example, if an event has a shop processing command, then you can set it up so the cursor changes to a new image with a money bag to signify an event is a shop event.

Plugin Commands

Hide Cursor [hideDefault] - Hides the cursor,  with an optional argument to hide the default mouse cursor as well

Show Cursor - If hidden, this will make the cursor visible again

Change Cursor - Allows you to change the cursor whenever you want

Install instructions

  • Download the plugin and extract the correct version for your RPG Maker engine.
  • Place the plugin into your projects js/plugins/ directory
  • Open the plugin manager within RPG Maker and add Luna_MouseSystem to your list.
  • Add your custom cursor image to img/system directory
  • Customize the parameters to use your custom cursor image and play!


luna-mousesystem-nightly.zip 15 kB
Version 9 Oct 28, 2020
luna-mousesystem-release.zip 15 kB
Version v1.0.0 Sep 30, 2020


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Assign a hover image when hovering over an event with a specific name

↑ it seems not working for MZ1.5.0. Could you please fix this?

Hi, I got this error: ReferenceError core_TouchInput is not defined

I'm quite a fan of this as having a fancy cursor graphic really makes the game feel more personalized. The only bad thing is that said graphic seems to be offset by quite a bit from the actual cursor in fullscreen mode! Is there a way to fix this?